log bench

This idea was suggested to me by design writer Barbara Chandler, who, seeing a through-and-through sawn oak log Dave Green and I had at an exhibition, said 'Oh that'd make a nice garden bench if it was hollowed out!'

So when Dave and I got back to the workshop, I drew a shape in chalk on the top of the log, we cut it out, I drew another shape on the next layer down, and so on, until we got down to what we thought was a good seat level. Then Dave got busy with his adzing (seat-shaping) and we soon had a most distinctive oak garden seat. Barbara was delighted.

This bench got a lot of publicity and - inevitably perhaps - was copied, but ours are the original and best as no-one has quite the skill with the comfortable shaping of seats as Dave has.

Dimensions vary from log to log, but are approximately 90cm x 90cm x 280cm long. We can supply longer or shorter if you wish, and arrange delivery and setting up.